La Botanico

Our Passion

Atmosphere and living are our passion and especially beautiful products that enrich the interior. We love stylish colors and delicious scents. That's why two beautiful collections were created.

Natural Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from nature and this means not only the scent of our products. The whole product is made with attention to humans, animals and nature. In this way, we ensure that no harmful substances are used in candles that are bad for the people or animals. Also, we look at the raw materials, so the soy wax is based on a natural product as opposed to, for example, paraffin made from petroleum.

Behind La Botanico

La Botanico is created by making honest candles in our own kitchen for friends and family. The people behind the brand are Yvo and Nicole. With passion for handmade products and a fair trade background this candle is made by artisans. The three pillars on which La Botanico is inspired; Herbs, Fruits and Flowers. From passionate hobby to eventually the place where they are inflamed by lovers of our product!